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Top Places to Host a Summer Book Club Meeting

Aug 08, 2021



Annabel Zane

Not sure where to host your next book club meeting? Find inspiration in this list of the top places to have book club in the summer, shared by Bookclubz staff during our travels!


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1. Library

Bring your club back to where it all began...the library! Most libraries offer meeting rooms, lobbies, or even cafes and outdoor spaces like the picturesque Camden Public Library in Maine. And truly, what is more iconic than a book club meeting in a library?

2. Museum

Marvel at beautiful art pieces and sculptures during your next book club meeting at your local museum! The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA is a free museum with a gorgeous outdoor sculpture garden, an outdoor patio, and cool indoor seating, perfect for small gatherings. Find a spot under a tree and wrap up your book club meeting with a drink on the lawn.



3. Beach

“The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.” — Isak Dinesen. What says summer like feeling your toes in the sand or lounging by the pool with a great book in your hands? Enjoy a more laid back book club experience while soaking up the sun by the water! Pictured here is Flying Point Beach in Southampton, NY, a perfect place to host a summer book club meeting.

4. Outdoor Mall

Lots of cities are home to delightful outdoor malls, which include various seating areas. Boulder, CO’s Pearl Street Mall has stunning scenic views as well as a few bookshops to stop in after your book club meeting. Find a shady spot at an outdoor mall near you and dive into engaging conversations with your book club.

5. Backyard

Free from distractions, backyards are a great place to host a book club outside, without having to see other people. Arrange your chairs in a circle, bring out the wine glasses, and enjoy a fun and relaxing evening talking about books. If you don’t have a yard of your own, Covenhoven in Brooklyn, NY has a lovely outdoor garden space in the back with umbrellas for those looking to beat the heat.

6. Bookstore

Go up the steps of this Manhattan bookstore to find an adorable seating area perfect for a book club meeting! Surrounded by books on all sides, Westsider Books has an impeccable atmosphere for discussing great reads. Try hosting a book club meeting at your local bookstore for a more intimate and homey experience.

7. Coffee Shop

Is there anything better than iced coffee in the summertime? Savor your favorite latte and a scone while chatting with your book club members. Many coffee shops, like the one pictured here, are open from the early morning hours until the late afternoon, providing flexibility so that everyone in your book club can join. The Corner Beet in Denver, CO has large wooden tables, allowing small to medium sized clubs to gather there.



8. Tea Room

While not as common as coffee shops, see if there are any tea rooms in your area if you’re looking for a serene book club meeting. Dobra Tea in Asheville, NC offers comfortable floor seating as well as an extensive selection of teas. Lean into the softness of your surroundings and share a pot of tea with your closest friends while having conversations about books.

Photo Credit: Book Club Bar

9. Bar/Brewery

Books and bevies go hand in hand and they’ve never paired so perfectly than at Book Club Bar in Manhattan's East Village. Browse the stacks with a coffee, beer, or wine and stick around after your meeting to enjoy one of their nightly events. Bars are social by nature and help bring people together, just like book clubs!

10. Restaurant Patio

If you’re feeling peckish, venture to a nearby restaurant with an outdoor patio. Snag a seat in the shade or make a reservation for later in the evening to ensure a cooler book club experience. Rosewater Kitchen & Bar in Raleigh, NC is charming, with an abundance of plants surrounding the seating area.

Photo Credit: Magic City Books

11. Reading Room

Finally, the beloved Reading Room- like the Algonquin Room at Magic City Books in Tulsa, OK. Explore your local community bookshops, record stores, museums, and libraries to see if they have reading rooms available for free or to rent for special book club events. You never know, you might get lucky and have Gary Busey pop by for a surprise visit!  (Yes, this really happened!)


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