Our mission is to inspire meaningful connections through reading and discussion. We believe in the power of book club to enhance the reading experience, support lifelong learning, and build community.

Our vision for Bookclubs is grounded in a deep appreciation for the positive transformation that takes place in book club. We help book clubs get organized, so they stay together.

We created Bookclubs to free one club in Philadelphia from never-ending email chains. Bookclubs’ online management tool is now serving thousands of book clubs all over the world.

Our Team

Anna Ford

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Anna joined her first book club in 2005 and has since joined or led 10 clubs in multiple cities. She is a seasoned public health policy expert and soc... View more

Nancy Brown

Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer (CrO)

Nancy currently leads two book clubs. She has focused her career on content across mediums and continents both in the non-profit and startup space. Wh... View more

Ian Campbell

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Ian is active in two book clubs and an expert computer programmer with start-up and consulting experience. He built the first version of Bookclubs and... View more

Zoë Epstein

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Zoë belongs to one in-person book club in Denver, CO and one zoom-based book club to keep her connected with old friends. Prior to Bookclubs, she help... View more

Carrie Thornbrugh

Director of Club Development

Carrie founded her own book club to create a welcoming space to share in both common and uncommon experiences. Carrie has a diverse background in high... View more

Lisa Marie Smith

Director, Publisher Partnerships

Lisa is currently a member of three book clubs. She loves compelling memoirs and biographies, literary and speculative fiction, and the occasional thr... View more

Truong Hoang Nhat

Lead Developer

Truong’s book shelf is full of leadership development books that help him focus, build confidence, and inspire positive thinking. He is a full-stack d... View more

Dien Nguyen Ngoc

front-end Developer

Dien is a front-end developer with over 4 years of experience building web applications. He loves animals, especially birds. When he's not working on ... View more

Hoa Nguyen Thi Thanh

Back-end Developer

Hoa is a back-end developer with over 5 years of experience building web applications. She is interested in building the database structure and busine... View more

Luan Nguyen

Mobile Developer

Luan is a mobile developer with extensive experience in government projects, enterprise and ERP systems. He loves animals, especially dogs, and loves ... View more

Our Values


We are always striving to improve Bookclubs. Security and reliability are paramount. And we continually poll our users for vital input on new features, partnerships, content, and design.


Bookclubs wants book club to be a collaborative, stimulating, fun way to really connect with others.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value diversity in the book clubs we serve, the stories and authors we feature, and in our own team.

Book clubs are inexpensive, and we want Bookclubs to be equally accessible: Our site and app are free, and always will be.

Social Impact

We know that book club is a force for good.

Books help shape, establish, and inform our identities. We actively seek to cultivate experiences that transcend book club and positively impact our society and our world.


Our Partners & Sponsors

Bookclubs would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors.
We thank them for supporting Bookclubs' mission and are proud to promote their stories, books, companies, and brands to the Bookclubs community.

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