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12 Best Book Club Discussion Questions for Any Book

Apr 19, 2022



Zoe Epstein

Today in our How to Book Club series, we’re tackling the best discussion questions for a book club meeting.  Some people like to wing it for book club, but others live by Alexander Graham Bell’s aphorism that preparation is the key to success. 


And one of the best ways to ensure a successful book club meeting is to come prepared with discussion questions.  A great list of discussion questions can help you avoid awkward silences and move your club beyond obvious questions like whether or not you liked the book. 


A great place to start is Bookclubs' Book Club Discussion Guide center, which has guides for hundreds of titles.  Check back often as we add more book club discussion guides every week!  Some are written by Bookclubs staff, while others come from the books’ publishers.  We’ve also got a special set of discussion questions for banned books.


If you can’t find a guide for the book your club is reading, we’ve put together this helpful list of book club questions.  These general book club questions are some of our favorites, and work well for almost any book, whether you’re reading fiction or non-fiction.  


Take a look through, pick out a few questions that you think will work best with your book, and never worry about running out of things to talk about at book club again!


  1. Would you recommend this book to someone?  Why or why not (or with what caveats)?  What kind of reader would most enjoy this book?
  2. Did you find the author’s writing style easy to read or hard to read? Why? How long did it take you to get into the book?
  3. Who was your favorite character? What character did you identify with the most?  Were there any characters that you disliked? Why?
  4. Did any part of this book strike a particular emotion in you? Which part and what emotion did the book make you feel?
  5. How much did you know about this book before picking it up? What surprised you the most about the book?
  6. Was there any part of the plot or aspects of the characters that frustrated or upset you? If so, why?
  7. How thought-provoking did you find the book?  Did the book change your opinion about anything, or did you learn something new from it? If so, what? 
  8. Did you highlight or bookmark any passages from the book? Did you have a favorite quote or quotes? If so, share which and why?
  9. From your point of view, what were the central themes of the book? How well do you think the author did at exploring them?
  10. Compare this book to other books you have read by the same author, or other books you have read covering the same or similar themes.  How are they the same or different?
  11. How would you adapt this book into a movie? Who would you cast in the leading roles?


Finally, here at Bookclubs, we like to end all of our book club meetings with this question:


  1. Rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.  Why did you give the book the rating you did?  Did any part of this book club discussion change your rating from what it would have been directly after finishing the book? 


Then use the Bookclubs app or website to record your rating and share a review of the book!


Do you have any other must-ask general book club discussion questions?  Share them in the comments below!

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