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Tutorial Two: Create a Meeting!

Updated: Dec 17, 2022



Olivia Markowski


Click here to watch our Tutorial Two: Create a Meeting video! 



Once you’re logged into your Bookclubs account, navigate to your clubs page. From your club’s page, you’ll see MEETINGS in the left navigation bar. This displays all of your club’s previous meetings, upcoming meetings, RSVPs for meetings, and is also where you’ll create new meetings. 

To create a new meeting, select ‘create a new meeting’ on the top right corner of your club. From here you can enter in all of your meeting details. First, search for the book your club will be discussing by typing the name in the search bar. Select the book from the responses, and then add the book to the meeting.


If your club is meeting to discuss an article, film, television episode, or podcast, check the ‘Add link for article, film or other meeting material’ box and add the URL here before clicking “Search.” Bookclubs will add the details from the link you share here!


Underneath the book section, you can select your meeting date and meeting time. Be sure to choose the right time zone as well! You can also include the meeting duration depending on how long you would like your meeting to last.


Following the meeting date and time, you can enter your meeting link if your club is meeting virtually. Copy the virtual meeting link from Zoom, Google Meetup or any other site you may be using and then paste here! If you’re having an in-person meeting, you can add your meeting location in instead where it says ‘meeting location.’ 

If you have a meeting host, you can check where it says ‘include meeting host’ and the host’s address will auto populate for the location if this information is listed on their profile.


There is also an area, where you can limit the number of RSVPs of your meeting. If you check this button, you can then decide how many participants you want to attend the meeting, and the members of your club can sign up on a first come first serve basis! 


There is a notes section for any extra information you may want to include about your club. Once you have entered everything necessary for the meeting, go ahead and click create this meeting. 


 When the meeting creator clicks “submit” the default setting is “send notification to my club members.” This means that unless the box is unchecked, members will receive an app notification and an email notification. The email notification is very helpful because it includes a calendar link that your book club members can accept to integrate into their calendars. The calendar notice includes the virtual meeting link or physical location and any notes. 


Once you have posted the meeting, it will show up under your upcoming meetings. If you need to edit the meeting, just click the edit button in the top right of the meeting. Your members can RSVP where it says ‘my RSVP,’ and they can also rate the book using the dropdown next to the RSVP. If members still need to purchase the book, we include links to Bookshop,, Amazon and Apple Reader — and we always recommend you support a local, independent bookstore when you can! Under the meeting details you can also see the number of members that have RSVP’d and are attending the meeting. 


Once meeting dates have passed, they will be displayed under past meetings on your meetings page.



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Danquah Krystel

Sep 17, 2022 - 5 months

To Anna did she ever purchase a book

Danquah Krystel

Sep 17, 2022 - 5 months

To Anna did she ever purpo