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Fun places to host a book club meeting

Updated: Jan 25, 2023



Zoe Epstein

Wondering where to host a book club meeting?  With summer coming up, and outdoor seating open, there are more possibilities than ever!  


In today’s How to Book Club post, we share all the best book club meeting locations.  When you’re just starting your book club and figuring out how to host a great book club, where to meet for your book club meetings is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make.  But changing up where you host book club can be another great way to shake up your book club!

Traditionally, many small clubs meet in members’ homes, often rotating hosting duties.  Whether your club has become too big to meet in a home, you’re tired of having to clean up before meetings, or you just want to try some place new, here are some additional book club location ideas.  


Bar, wine shop, or brewery

If you fancy a drink or a mocktail, a bar, wine shop or brewery can be a very fun place to hold book club.  Just make sure you pick somewhere that’s not too loud so you can hear each other to discuss the book!  Many breweries in particular have outdoor seating that can work well for a book club discussion.  If you’ve got a large group, don’t forget to call ahead to reserve enough space!  Pictured below is Philadelphia's Bok Bar, with amazing views of the city skyline.  


Bok Bar in Philadelphia


Restaurant or coffee shop

Similar to meeting at a bar or brewery, but prioritizing food over drink!  If your club likes to chat books over a meal, consider a local restaurant or coffee shop for your next book club.  This can be a great option to take a break from hosting and meal-preparation duties.  Pro tip: brunch is often quieter than dinner.  


There’s nothing we love more than a local bookstore, and a big bonus is the ability to browse the shelves before or after your book club meeting!  I’m lucky to have a combo bookstore and bar/cafe in my neighborhood, which is a perfect place to hold book club meetings!  Pictured below is Washington, D.C.’s Kramers, another fantastic combo bookstore / cafe / bar, with cafe seating in the back.   


Kramers bookstore and cafe in Washington, D.C.


Check to see if your local library has rooms available to reserve!  Many do, though the downside is that food and drinks are typically not allowed.  



Last summer, as my book club transitioned back to in person meetings after holding Zoom meetings during COVID, we still wanted to be outside, so we started meeting up in parks across the city.  Bring a picnic blanket or two and some snacks, and you’re all set!  One of the parks we met in was Denver’s beautiful Cheesman Park, pictured below.  


Denver's Cheesman Park



Check out our post on great places to host a summer book club meeting for even more unexpected ideas and some specific locations that Bookclubs staff love for holding book club meetings!  


What's the most unique place your book club has ever met?  Share in the comments below!


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