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Introducing “How to Book Club”: A New Blog Series Answering All Your Burning Book Club Questions

Apr 12, 2022



Zoe Epstein

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest blog series, “How to Book Club.”  In this series of posts, running every Tuesday, we’ll talk through our top tips on running or participating in a book club.  


Together, the Bookclubs staff are members of 28 book clubs (the winner for most is Anna, our co-founder and CEO, who is in 7 clubs!) and have over 50 years of book club experience. 


Add that to the thousands of clubs we’ve helped succeed on the Bookclubs website and app, and we know a thing or two about how to book club.  


We’ll be digging into the data, interviewing the leaders of some of our most thriving clubs, and drawing on our own experiences to share all the secrets to book club success!  


Some of the questions we’ll be answering in this series:

     •  How to run a book club discussion online

     •  What makes a great book club book

     •  How to set book club ground rules

     •  How to keep your book club engaged


What are your top book club how to questions?  Share them in the comments below and we’ll address them in a future post.  We’d love to help!  


And make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest post, or subscribe to our blog to get future installments right in your inbox.  We'll also keep a running list of all our installments right here for easy reference!


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