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Tutorial Three: How to Create a Poll!

Mar 17, 2021



Olivia Markowski


Click here to watch our Create a Poll video tutorial!


Once you are logged into your Bookclubz account, navigate to “My Clubs” and select the “Polls” tab in the left navigation. This is where you will be able to facilitate all polling activities! All of your upcoming polls and past polls will be shown here. Click “Create a new poll” to start making your first poll.

First you will want to add a title to your poll, and then add any notes or instructions for your poll. Following this you will want to set a due date for your poll (once this date passes the, voting will close for the poll). If you want the votes to be anonymous, check the “Set Anonymous Voting” option.

Next, you will decide what kind of poll you want to create. If you are voting on what book to read, you can add books to the poll by clicking the “Add book selections to the poll,” search for the books you want to add and click add! You will have to add each book individually, so if you want to add more click the “add another book” option at the bottom to search and add the next book.

Once you click the add books option, there is also an option to use the check box asking if you want to auto populate the book options from your “Books We Want to Read” list. This will add any books your members recommended on the "Books We Want to Read" list to your poll. 


If you want your club members to vote on meeting times, click the “Add meeting date and time options to the poll,” and add options for meeting dates and times. Just select the date and time you want listed on your poll, and then click add! You can continue to add more dates by continuing the same process and the dates will show up as options below.

You can also add Yes/No questions, or open ended questions to your poll! You could use this feature to ask whether your club wants to meet in person, attend an upcoming event, or any other question you want clarity on. Open-ended questions are great for asking what snacks each person is bringing, or even asking the group what their favorite line from the book was.

Once you are finished, click create poll and then you are set! Before you submit, make sure you selected the “Send notifications,” so that your members will receive an email with the details and a link to the poll!

Any open polls will appear in your club’s page under “Polls,” and past polls will be displayed here as well. If you want to change any details about your poll, click the edit button on this page to make updates. 

Members can vote for the options they prefer by clicking “Vote” on books and date/time options, and can also respond to your poll’s Yes/No or open-ended questions! Once members have voted on book options, the number of votes will appear underneath each option. 

You can use all of these features in one poll, or simply send out a poll that uses one feature.



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Alexandra Mobley

Apr 18, 2022 - 5 months

I have created the same poll twice. Both times, we all get the email and notification that it was created but when I go to the poll section, nothing is showing there.

Kenia Sedler

Feb 14, 2022 - 1 year

I didn'y set a due date for my poll, but now all votes are in. How do I close the poll? (would be nice to keep archived rather than outright deleting it!)

Amy Kunde

Jan 11, 2022 - 1 year

how many votes can each book club member place in each poll? How many votes per book and how many votes within each poll?


Jan 06, 2022 - 1 year

Can you create a poll and send it out later to members?

Lori Piper

Nov 12, 2021 - 1 year

Why can my members vote on more than one option?

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