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Your Personalized Book Recommendations Revealed

Nov 03, 2022



Carrie Thornbrugh

Bookclubs is here to help you find your next read with personalized book recommendations. 



There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new favorite book, but recommending books can be tricky. What you enjoy about a book, author, or genre, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will tick all the same boxes for someone else.

The best reading recommendations should inspire us to make our own best choice about which book to read next. And nobody knows yourself better than you do.  Bookclubs uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to compare your personal reading lists and ratings with thousands of other Bookclubs users to identify the books you’re most likely to fall in love with. You can also upvote or downvote your recommendations to ensure the algorithm provides you with smarter, faster, and stronger recommendations.


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After devouring your next great read, you can find all the public book clubs that have recently read or are currently reading the same book and join in the discussion. If you're a trendsetter or niche reader, then start your own club for others to join!

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