You Shouldn't Have Come Here


350 pages

Average rating: 6.39




Community Reviews

Jul 13, 2024
9/10 stars
A little lengthy but definitely worth the read!
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Jun 17, 2024
8/10 stars
Twisty ending, hang on for a wild ride
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Jun 14, 2024
9/10 stars
Loved this. Twists and turns until the end. Quick and easy read. 9/10
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Jun 13, 2024
6/10 stars
This seemed like a pretty straightforward thriller, but surprisingly the killer wasn't who I thought it would be. The pseudo-romance in the story was awkward for me. I guess it was because the guy was so over the top about being with her and having her stay. I would have preferred a more dominant male character. The townspeople were all a little quirky in their own ways too. I didn't notice the constant references to the amount of times a "beer" was brought up in the text until it was brought to my attention. At that point it became laughable.
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May 17, 2024
6/10 stars
If this was a show I wouldn’t call it a thriller because I didn’t feel any real suspense. It was almost a satire on the thriller genre. I think this would have work well as a mystery satire.


I thought she was the killer pretty much from the beginning. I thought Calvin was innocent, if not a little obsessive. I did not see him being a serial killer too. Because of the love story component I kind of wish they had ended up being a killer couple together. Running the Air BnB and choosing women they both liked to be their next victim. It would have worked better with the way this book was lending itself to be a mystery satire.
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