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About Wildflower Farm Book Club

We are here to gather like minded people who truly want to participate and to be part of something. We are all very different people from varied and different backgrounds, We believe the more different kinds of people we have the more rich and interesting our discussions will be as it will mean more different perspectives and view points .We welcome all life experiences, We love the enrichment you get from a book that you can understand through varied perspectives. We are open and accepting of all kinds. We gather monthly to discuss a shared reading experience. Usually, the date for the next meeting is planned at the previous meeting or via group text, which you can be added to at your first meeting. Those who have attended at least 3 meetings and plan to continue attending gather to select books bi yearly. Each bi yearly meeting we select 6 books, create an order for them, and discuss matters of book club culture and activities we might want to schedule to do as a club, in addition to our monthly meetings. We meet on a small homestead farm most months, sometimes under the wisteria on the back patio where we can watch the goats, sometimes in the house. In winter we gather by the wood stove. Sometimes we go down the cape for a weekend together. The trip usually includes a book discussion meeting, sometimes a book selection meeting, ocean views, and a walk on the flats. Sometimes we go on field trips, examples: after reading a book set in Korea, we met at a Korean restaurant to further bring our book to life. Another time, we gathered at the local botanical garden after reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. We also welcome regular attendees to host when and if they want to. We read all kinds of material. We live by the rule no books are banned. But we do like to have a slight focus on books centered on female character/s, or written by women, women's fiction, fiction, mystery, romance, non fiction, fantasy, historical, historical fiction, books that view things from various cultural perspectives such as The Bone People, biographies, environmental, feminist, classics, gothic fiction from Castle Otranto to the present day, world war 2 fiction, nothing is taboo, we love it all. The purpose of this club is to meet to discuss the books we share in person therefore regular attendance to everyone's best abilities is highly valued.

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