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About The Literary Queers

The Literary Queers is a virtual, monthly gathering of queer folks interested in reading and discussing queer books. Meetings are currently scheduled in UK/EU-friendly times, however if there is enough interest from other parts of the world, additional meetings can be scheduled.

Go to the Polls section to vote on 1) which book we should read next and 2) when our next meeting should be held

If there's no active poll, it means our next meeting has been scheduled. Check out the Meetings section and join us!

note: the date/time options are in BST (UK timezone). Subtract 5 hours for EST and 8 hours for PST conversions.

You can also join the conversation in Slack by joining our workspace:

This is a great way to keep the discussion going even if you're not able to make the virtual meetings.

Looking for book recommendations? Check out these resources:

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