The Family Game: A Novel



"A powerful family and a deadly game. Be prepared for a nail-biting, roller-coaster of a ride" (B. A. Paris, author of Behind Closed Doors), from the New York Times bestselling author of Something in the Water, Mr. Nobody, and The Disappearing Act

"The Holbecks are what you might come up with if you took the Roys from Succession and blended them more


336 pages

Average rating: 7.43




Community Reviews

Feb 03, 2024
8/10 stars
The Family Game opens with a prologue in which Harriet Reed reveals, in a first-person narrative, that she is lying on the parquet floor of the grand entrance hall of the Holbeck family’s upstate New York Mansion. Harriet is bleeding and struggles to stand up, the diamond in her engagement ring twinkling in the light. She also notes that she faced death twenty years earlier, but survived and is determined to do so again. “A girl with a past more
Jan 11, 2024
4/10 stars
Really was not expecting that. Thanks for the awesome recommendation
Dec 03, 2023
8/10 stars
This was such a fun interesting read. Dragged a bit. I loved the Xmas games and the Krampus style feel. I loved that Harriet was successful on her own and didn't need the "Holbecks family money." I liked the mystery behind Robert. Really enjoyed this. Great mystery/thriller for the holiday season.
Oct 09, 2023
8/10 stars
The Family Game follows Harriet Reed as she moves to America and is thrust into the family dynamics of the Holbeck family. Her fiancee Ed comes from money, like old world oil tycoon money, and she is nervous because he has been estranged from them recently. According to Ed his family can be odd, and overbearing. He says that they chased several women away over the years and he wants to make sure that Harry knows she's most important to him. He more
Aug 30, 2023
8/10 stars
4.5, and only because I very rarely give 5s to anything anywhere. The atmosphere in this book is perfection and I enjoyed the dynamics throughout.

There is a twist that is somewhat predictable, but I actually didn't see it coming. Maybe I'm just off my game, but whatever the case I really, really enjoyed it. It's not as fucked up as my normal thrillers, but it is still heart pounding enough to keep me thinking about it constantly. We ended more

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