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Looking for a Book Club? Here’s everything you need to know to find, join, and read along with the best book clubs on the internet (and IRL!)

Apr 28, 2022



Zoe Epstein

Erica Eliot

The Bookclubs team is always searching for ways to bring our communities of readers together — and thanks to feedback from tens of thousands of Bookclubs users, we’re continually improving the website and app to make it happen! Join a Book Club makes it possible for any reader to find a community of readers based on interests, book genres, location, and more – and join the club with a click for free.


The Join a Book Club page is is a vibrant home for book lovers interested in just about any kind of club, from history buffs to poets. Whether an online book club or a local, in-person book club near you, whether big or small, led by a book influencer or run out of someone’s living room, there’s a book club for everyone - and virtually all are free to join.


Check out our recent refresh of the Join a Book Club page, with new features that will help you read more, connect with others, and find the perfect book club for you.



New and Improved: Search functionality and book club categories


JBC search and browse


Look no further for your next book club! We’ve updated the search functionality to be more user friendly. Search for book clubs to join by location, keyword, community, theme or genre. Whether you want to connect over brunch or booze, explore history, cozy up with a mystery, explore other cultures, become more mindful, or find support, there's a club for you. 


We’ve also added category and subcategory filters for public clubs! Discover book clubs by theme, genre, meeting type, and more. Explore the page here and browse hundreds of book clubs around the world reading and meeting about true crime and thrillers, self-help, parenting, BIPOC authors and experiences, and more!


Here are some ways to browse all our public clubs:



Improved: Add your club to Join a Book Club!


JBC - add your club


Broaden your network, grow your following, and connect over reading when you welcome new members to your book club! Interested in adding your book club? Let us know here and someone from the Bookclubs team will reach out to help you get started.



Improved: Join a Book Club club cards and profiles


JBC cards and profile


By user request, Join a Book Club club cards display even more information about book clubs! Check out what book clubs are currently reading, their location, member count, and meeting type at a glance!


Want to learn more about any club? Click on the club’s card to visit the profile page and discover even more from the club leader: about the club, their reading history, and social media links.



New: Club profile updates


JBC club profile updates


Club leaders, this one’s for you! Easily customize and edit your club's public profile from your club’s account page. Add an image, share your social media, update your club bio, and let potential members know more! To make changes, visit the “About Our Club” page within your club profile.


We are always eager for feedback on how we can improve the Bookclubs site and app. If there’s a feature you think is missing, or something that would help your club, reach out to us anytime here or by emailing We incorporate user feedback into updates to the site and app frequently, and we’d love to learn more about how we can make Bookclubs even better.


Create your profile, start and join a book club, track your reading, and more.