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Aug 12, 2021



Carrie Thornbrugh


A name is a powerful thing. They are essential to our identity and can carry deeply personal, social, cultural and historical connections to the past, present, and one another (shout out to all the baby Jessica’s of the 1980s). Names can be wielded as a weapon or as terms of endearment and when a group of people come together under a shared nameit provides a sense of belonging and community. So it’s no wonder then that the first and arguably the most fun admin task when starting a book club is the naming! We gathered a list of the most pithy, creative, funny, defiant, and bad ass book club names we’ve come across. Read on!


Puns: Insert dad joke here.

  • Shelf Respect
  • Insert Book Club Pun Here
  • Turnt Pages
  • A Novel Idea
  • We Like Big Books and We Cannot Lie


Libations: Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here!

  • Read Between the Wines
  • Beer Club with a Book Problem
  • Gone with the Gin
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • Get Lit


Genre Themed: Harry Potter is a genre, right?

  • Psycho Thrillers
  • History Class Do-Over
  • Fam Fiction
  • Who Done It Mystery Club
  • Slytherin' It to Win It


Book Nerds: Read it. Live it. Own it.

  • Talk Nerdy to Me
  • Nerdy by Nature
  • Nerds of a Feather
  • Early Nerd Catches the Bookworm
  • Can’t Get a Nerd in Edgewise


Literal: These book clubs call it like they see it. Respect.

  • A Very Low Pressure Club For Women Who Like Books And Math
  • Ladies Reading About Ladies by Ladies
  • Books. We Read Them
  • I Just Want To Do Booknerd Stuff With My Friends
  • I Don't Have a Dirty Mind, I Have a Sexy Imagination


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