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Discussion GuideThe Keeper of Stories

By Sally Page

Praise for The Keeper of Stories 


“I absolutely loved it! So different, clever, funny, and charming.” – Katie Fforde, Sunday  Times (London) bestselling author  


“Funny, wise, moving…The characters are endearing and unforgettable.” – Hazel Prior, author  of Away with the Penguins 


“A treasure of a book. Beautiful, emotional, and heartfelt with a cornucopia of characters you’ll  love spending time with.” – Phaedra Patrick, author of The Library of Lost and Found  


“This is a deceptively ‘gentle’ story that addresses complex issues with a light touch…I loved  Janice…and was rooting for her throughout.” – Jackie Fraser, author of The Bookshop of Second  Chances 


“Absolutely spellbinding…Warm-hearted, thoughtful, funny, and yet deeply poignant.” – Celia  Anderson, author of 59 Memory Lane 


“Heartwarming, intricate, and empathetic, Sally Page has given us a treasure of a novel.” –  Annie Hartnett, author of Unlikely Animals