We Deserve Monuments


"An absolute must read." --Buzzfeed

"A gripping portrayal of the South's inherent racism and a love story for queer Black girls." --Teen Vogue

Family secrets, a swoon-worthy romance, and a slow-burn mystery collide in We Deserve Monuments, a YA debut from Jas Hammonds that explores how racial violence can ripple down through generations.

What's more important: Knowing the truth or keeping the peace?

Seventeen-year-old Avery Anderson is convinced her senior year is ruined when she's uprooted from her life in DC and forced into the hostile home of her terminally ill grandmother, Mama Letty. The tension between Avery's mom and Mama Letty makes for a frosty arrival and unearths past drama they refuse to talk about. Every time Avery tries to look deeper, she's turned away, leaving her desperate to learn the secrets that split her family in two.

While tempers flare in her avoidant family, Avery finds friendship in unexpected places: in Simone Cole, her captivating next-door neighbor, and Jade Oliver, daughter of the town's most prominent family--whose mother's murder remains unsolved.

As the three girls grow closer--Avery and Simone's friendship blossoming into romance--the sharp-edged opinions of their small southern town begin to hint at something insidious underneath. The racist history of Bardell, Georgia is rooted in Avery's family in ways she can't even imagine. With Mama Letty's health dwindling every day, Avery must decide if digging for the truth is worth toppling the delicate relationships she's built in Bardell--or if some things are better left buried.

A School Library Journal Best Book of 2022
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384 pages

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Community Reviews

Tanesha's Tips
Apr 17, 2023
This was so good...it shouldn't have taken me this long to read however, I was reading along with a work group's book club so it was so many chapters every two weeks. It got so good that I just went ahead and finished...no sense in prolonging the inevitable. If you enjoy books about teenagers and coming of age, the dynamics of family...I recommend you read it. Great character development, relatable and entertaining.
Feb 16, 2023
10/10 stars
If I could give this a 20/10 I would
Feb 03, 2023
10/10 stars
Wow. Just Wow. I binged this audiobook in a half of a day. The narrator was the best fit and portrayed Avery and her story perfectly. This was a heart wrenching story of a modern teen who's found herself caught up in the trauma of her mother and grandmother's relationship. Can she break the cycle of generational trauma while also learning that the town her family comes from may still harbor the same sentiments about race as it did when her grandm...read more

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