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The Inheritance Games (The Inheritance Games, 1)


Don't miss this New York Times bestselling "impossible to put down" (Buzzfeed) novel with deadly stakes, thrilling twists, and juicy secrets--perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying and Knives Out.

Avery Grambs has a plan for a better future: survive high school, win a scholarship, and get out. But her fortunes change in an instant when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies and leaves Avery virtually his entire fortune. The catch? Avery has no idea why--or even who Tobias Hawthorne is.

To receive her inheritance, Avery must move into sprawling, secret passage-filled Hawthorne House, where every room bears the old man's touch--and his love of puzzles, riddles, and codes. Unfortunately for Avery, Hawthorne House is also occupied by the family that Tobias Hawthorne just dispossessed. This includes the four Hawthorne grandsons: dangerous, magnetic, brilliant boys who grew up with every expectation that one day, they would inherit billions. Heir apparent Grayson Hawthorne is convinced that Avery must be a conwoman, and he's determined to take her down. His brother, Jameson, views her as their grandfather's last hurrah: a twisted riddle, a puzzle to be solved. Caught in a world of wealth and privilege with danger around every turn, Avery will have to play the game herself just to survive.

**The games continue in The Hawthorne Legacy, The Final Gambit, and The Brothers Hawthorne, all available now, and Games Untold, available for preorder!

And don't miss the start of a thrilling new series set in the world of the Inheritance Games, The Grandest Game, available for preorder now!
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400 pages

Average rating: 7.79




Community Reviews

May 09, 2024
8/10 stars
5 stages of me throughout this book:
1. ehhhh(yawn)
2.meh (he’s cute)
4.(yawn) (yawn2x)
5.fucking finally
Apr 20, 2024
6/10 stars
соглашусь с мнением, что это "достать ножи" за 300
с одной стороны немного любопытно узнать, в чем же замес, с другой - не уверена, что ради этого смогу продраться через еще 2 книги
возможно было бы чуть получше без игры в любовный треугольник (таких топорных попыток написать теншн я давно не видела), но теперь уже не узнаем
Mar 13, 2024
8/10 stars
An engaging story with interesting twists and turns. I adored Avery she was smart but not infallible. The characters were all complex save the elder female characters who were very stereotypical versions of wealthy white women. There were a few groan moments like when Thea went all "Rebecca" on Avery. Also, it should be noted that I hate love triangles and not all the angles in this book were acute. I'll catch the next one.
Jan 25, 2024
8/10 stars
Somehow... This felt akin to an escape room? Yet I enjoyed it and will be reading the others in the trilogy because I have anticipated this for so long and because I am now invested in the mysteries hidden in the mysteries.
Jan 20, 2024
8/10 stars
A great YA mystery read that doesn’t seem to YA. Plot twists and keeps you guessing.

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