Never Let Me Go



From the Booker Prize-winning author of The Remains of the Day and When We Were Orphans comes an unforgettable edge-of-your-seat mystery that is at once heartbreakingly tender and morally courageous about what it means to be human. Never Let Me Go follows Kathy as she grows from schoolgirl to young woman at Hailsham, a seemingly pleasant English more


288 pages

Average rating: 7.01




Community Reviews

Jan 13, 2024
10/10 stars
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started reading this book. It had found it's way onto my to-read list at some point and was available as an e-book at my library as I was frantically getting ready for a three-day trip to Portland. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the book nearly as much if I had known the premise. The realities of who the protagonist and her friends are comes out in small bits and pieces all the way to the more
Jan 01, 2024
10/10 stars
Heartbreaking and stunningly beautiful tale of destiny, friendship, belief and letting go. Ishiguro masterfully places us in the romantic, historical past and science fiction future at the same time, leading to a dizzying disorienting end that is hard to forget.
Dec 27, 2023
8/10 stars
Dec 04, 2023
6/10 stars
This was an interesting story. Since I have the habit of not reading synopsis beforehand, I wasn't really sure what to expect. This is a bit of a Dystopian worldview and damn, it was depressing.

Kathy is our 30-something narrator. She tells us she is a carer, which at the time means not much more than it's context, and she travels back in her memories to Hailsham, a private school in England. At first, I did start thinking it was going to be more
Nov 28, 2023
4/10 stars
This novel has a lot of cool concepts and character ideas, but they all seemed half-baked. When reading this, instead of being engrossed, I found myself thinking, "The author seems to have daydreamt about this section," or, "This seems like filler for the cool bits." Meh.

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