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The Best from Small Presses Summer 2022

Jul 17, 2022



Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Jessica Winters Mireles’s LOST IN OAXACA (She Writes Press) includes adventure, travel, and a love story all wrapped into one! Foreword Reviews said, “Travel and awakening combine in [this] delicate romance….Lost in Oaxaca is a vigorous, sensitive account of crossing borders to reimagine what love looks like when it’s poured without reserve.” And Jessica Anya Blau called it “…a beautiful, moving, and timely love story that will tug at your heartstrings, along with your sense of right and wrong. Through the charming Camille and captivating Alejandro, you will leave this book believing that both love and music can rise above the inequities, injustices, and bullies of the world.”

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Deborah Shepherd’s debut novel, SO HAPPY TOGETHER (She Writes Press) has summer read written all over it, being about a search for self, a search for love, music, and even a road trip. Kirkus Reviews said, “Shepherd’s novel contains entertaining details of the ’60s and ’80s, deftly capturing the atmosphere of both time periods....the tale explores many weighty topics relating to life’s transitions with insight and grace. From sexual orientation to personal ambition, grief, friendship, and self-esteem, the author dives deep." And Arielle Greenberg said the novel “…is like sharing late-night gossip with a good friend.” 


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Emma Seckel's THE WILD HUNT (Tin House) is a transporting, otherworldly debut of a young woman’s fated return to a wind-battered island off the coast of Scotland, and the dark forces―old and new―that she finds there.


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Joanna Scutt's HOTBED (Seal Press) is the never-before-told story of the bold women whose audacious ideas and unruly acts transformed a feminist agenda into a modern way of life. On a Saturday in New York City in 1912, around the wooden tables of a popular Greenwich Village restaurant, a group of women gathered, all of them convinced that they were going to change the world.


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