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2023 Reading List

Wednesdays At One

by Sandra A. Miller

Summary: If you don't confront your past...it might confront you first. Dr. Gregory Weber appears to have an enviable life. He's a renowned clinical psychologist residing in an elegant home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his wife, Liv, and their two kids. But Gregory feels increasingly disconnected.

Wine People

by Michelle Wildgen

Summary: An intoxicating escape into the competitive world of wine and the complicated terrain of women’s friendship.

End Credits

by Patty Lin

Summary: The only script you can really write in life is your own.What if achieving your professional dreams comes at too high a personal cost? That's what screenwriter Patty Lin started to ask herself after years in the cutthroat TV industry

Hell If We Don't Change Our Ways

by Brittany Means

Summary: An ode to the power of the human spirit and the written word to combat the most harrowing of childhood memories.

The Last Love Note

by Emma Grey

Summary: You may never stop loving the one you lost. But you can still find love again. Kate is a bit of a mess. Two years after losing her young husband Cameron, she's grieving, solo parenting, working like mad at her university fundraising job, always dropping the ball--and yet clinging to her sense of humor.

End of the Hour

by Meghan Riordan Jarvis

Summary: What happens when a trauma therapist is traumatized by loss? Meghan Riordan Jarvis lived a charmed childhood with her large Irish-Catholic family: loving parents, a house full of siblings, a top-tier education, and summers on Cape Cod. And yet, loss was part of her story from the beginning.

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2024 Releases

Everyone But Myself

by Julie Chavez

Summary: Taking care of everyone can push moms to the brink. Julie found her way back.

The House Of Plain Truth

by Donna Hemans

Summary: A novel of fractured family and the search to protect–or discard–what unites them.

Here After

by Amy Lin

Summary: Written in sparse, powerful prose and presented in a poetic fashion, Amy Lin’s Here After is a reckoning with grief as well as a love story. Amy tells the story of her courtship and marriage to her late husband Kurtis, who died of a heart attack when she was 31 years old. It is non-linear, to reflect the nature of grief, and crushingly beautiful. An ode to young yet enduring love.

The Wedding Issue

by Elle Evans

Summary: Olivia (“Liv”) Fitzgerald, soon-to-be-lawyer, can talk anyone into anything. Well, almost anything. When her scheming aunt throws Kali, Liv’s cousin, into a competition for a bridal magazine cover alongside Leighton, Liv’s best friend, all hell breaks loose. Liv has to convince readers Leighton’s the better bride, avoid her diabolical aunt, and finish her last year of law school. Can Liv pull it off, while wooing her lifelong crush at the same time?

The Matriarch

by Pamela Redmond

Summary: Helena Drummond has built the perfect life for herself: a gorgeous compound on the beach of Santa Monica, her own thriving cosmetic business, and a beautiful extended family. But when her eldest son, Oscar, goes missing, the cracks in her perfect life start to show–most noticeably with Emily, Oscar’s wife, who immediately leaps into a new relationship after Oscar disappears. As Helena struggles to piece together what happened to Oscar, she has to wonder: what are her priorities? And what really happened to her son!?

Pearce Oysters

by Joselyn Takacs

Summary: A family drama set along the Louisiana coastline, Pearce Oysters follows a third-generation oyster farmer, Jordan Pearce, whose business, family, and livelihood are on the brink of collapse after one of the worst environmental disasters in history, the 2010 BP Oil Spill. As Jordan struggles with flighty employees, a fraught romantic life, living with his distressed, widowed mother, and a company that's been on life support for years, he’s forced to seek help from his estranged brother, Benny—a beatnik musician who ran away to New Orleans years ago. Together, the unlikely allies commit to saving this long overlooked corner of the Gulf Coast in a final act of hope.

SLAM: A Memoir by Bethanie Mattek-Sands

by Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Summary: The inspiring true story of Bethanie Mattek-Sands, the American professional tennis player who has won nine Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal. As the No. 1 player in the world in doubles, Bethanie Mattek-Sands was at her peak when a gruesome knee injury streamed live during Wimbledom set her back for months. But resilience was nothing new for Bethanie. Slam tells the story of Bethanie’s unexpected childhood and rise to fame as an exceptional young athlete with all the stresses and complications that layers on.