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A group of women open to differing thoughts and ideas while growing with literature. You're all DOPE, inside and out, so bring yourself into the conversation. Reach your book goals with us! Themes vary so our discussions explore perspectives on real life experiences, human behavior, boundaries, career & family life, and more, often from an anti oppressive lens. It's going to be LIT!

Active since: 3/17/21

Paper or audiobooks welcome. We choose our next read via majority vote in a poll. Consistent participants have the opportunity to host chosen books and come up with discussion questions for the meetings. Don't be shy, host a meeting to put your spin on our discussion! About 3-5 weeks are spent on each book, depending on thickness, coupled with weekly Zoom discussion meetings. Current day & time is Wednesday at 9pm. We take a two week break between reads. Things happen, communicate if you need to go "inactive", etc. However, I do reconcile our membership to only reflect active members at the end of each read. 
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