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About Criminal Justice Reading Group with Lisi Owen

This newly-formed reading group is for anyone who wants a better understanding of the U.S. criminal justice system and how we each fit into it. We will cover a range of content from varied perspectives, including academic, biographical/autobiographical, historical, and legal works. Virtual meetings will be held the second Saturday of every month, with breaks in August and December. The group's leader, Lisi Owen, is a Denver-based attorney with extensive experience with systems-change litigation, including representing prisoners in conditions-of-confinement litigation. In addition to holding space for discussion of the difficult topics addressed in the books we'll read, Lisi will guide group members' critical understanding of those topics with suggested discussion questions and a brief presentation, at the start of each meeting, of helpful contextual background relevant to that month's book. Lisi will also lead the group in problem-solving exercises designed to create a community vision for what the criminal justice system should look like.

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