Borderless Discourse 2


Next meeting: Sunday, September 29 at 6:00pm - EDT

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About Borderless Discourse 2

Club Bylaws

Members agree to:

Before meeting:

  • Read assigned book
  • RSVP for meeting on BookClubz page
  • Inform host (in a timely manner) of inability to attend meeting (when applicable)
  • Post discussion questions (under "Documents")
  • Post a picture reading book in Photo Album on BookClubz

During meeting:

  • Actively participate in discussions
  • Respect viewpoints of others
  • Be attentive (avoid distractions such as use of cellphones)
  • Keep videos on

After Meeting:

  • Rate each book on BookClubz page

General Rules

  • Be punctual for meetings (sign into meetings at least five minutes before starting time)
  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Extend professional courtesy at all times
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