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Discussion Guide

Wisdom from the Wild: The Nine Unbreakable Laws of Leadership from the Animal Kingdom

By Julie C. Henry

Take a walk on the wild side with fascinating and compelling leadership lessons from the animal kingdom.


Nature is the perfect teacher for the challenging and very personal concept of leadership. And no one knows this better than former zoo and aquarium senior leader turned leadership consultant Julie C. Henry.


Wisdom from the Wild shows you―whether you’re a new or experienced leader―how to learn from and be inspired by the wildlife and wild places all around you. This fun, new approach to leadership presents nine “Unbreakable Laws” from the animal kingdom. These true, fundamental guidelines with concrete examples from wildlife can steer your work and decisions as a leader.


Creatures that might seem unusual or even unexpected in a book about leadership―such as naked mole rats, spiders, and even sea cucumbers―will teach you how to


  • deal with change,
  • more effectively lead teams,
  • build your resilience muscle as a leader.


Reinforcing these essential lessons from the wild, Julie C. Henry presents a myriad of business case studies and immediately actionable tools to strengthen your leadership skills. So join this extraordinary dive into the natural world as you’ve never seen it before, as you uncover your leadership prowess among the animals.


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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

As a reader and a leader, what did you think about the correlation between animal instincts and leadership characteristics?

Who are the leaders that you admire? What animal characteristics do you see in them?

Do you consider yourself an "instinctual leader?"