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Three Rooms

By Jo Hamya

“I was bowled over by this barbed, supple book about precarity and power, both for its spiky, unsettling intelligence and the frank beauty of the writing.” —Olivia Laing, author of The Lonely City and Everybody


"Jo Hamya is an exceptionally gifted writer. Her portrait of a bright young woman struggling to get a foothold in an indifferent world is acute, informed, and deeply felt. Three Rooms slowly but surely broke my heart." —Claire-Louise Bennett, author of Pond 


"Sophisticated, spiky...Strikingly thoughtful...A phenomenal achievement. Perfectly judged set pieces at parties, offices and art galleries are infused with the illuminating and inquiring mind of an author who watches our society with an unflinching x-ray eye and tells its stories back to us with elegance and wit. And that, surely, is the mark of an excellent writer." —Times


"Virginia Woolf said a woman must have a room of one’s own, but Jo Hamya’s debut novel looks at what happens when that’s just economically not feasible...[A] Millennial novel about everything that’s trying to underpin our sense of security." —Nylon


"A sharp statement on Millennial disenfranchisement and poverty." —Ms. Magazine