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Discussion Guide

The Jalopy Chronicles: Across the Universe

By Caeli Ennis


Earth: 2220. The human population is scarce from environmental atrocity and no one can go outside or else they instantly perish into a pile of ashes. The President of the United States is the only hope for survival and he secretly seeks assistance from peculiar lifeforms across the universe. When these otherworldly creatures decide to host all of Earth's humans on their various planets, the story unfolds into an interstellar adventure.

The first book of the Jalopy Chronicles follows Ann Lou McHubbard and her family, each with a disability on Earth that becomes their superpower on the new planets. Meanwhile, a terrorist group called the GeoLapse is gaining enough manpower to take over the universe. Will Ann Lou be able to keep her family, friends, and all of the universe safe from the GeoLapse's clutches?

The McHubbards maintain a humorous, emotional, and imaginative adventure as they encounter new friends, play Pyroll, fall in love, turn back time, attempt to save the universe, and most importantly, fly in Jalopies.


Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

Considering the conventional definition of a ‘jalopy,’ how might this term be used differently 200 years in the future?

The five McHubbards who are sent to host planets each live with a different hardship on Earth. What is the common theme between these hardships?

The McHubbard siblings each have hobbies that seemingly counter their hardships, for example Elbina’s love for cooking. Why do you think they each excel at their various hobbies?

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