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Discussion Guide

The Heir of Lemminkäinen (The Far Northern Land Saga)

By David Allen Schlaefer

As Löhi, the Witch of the North, unleashes war upon the Seven Clans of Iron-Age Finland, the famous wizard Väinämöinen leads a desperate effort to stop her. The great smith Ilmarinen kindles hope when he reforges the magical Sampo, the ancient Finns’ most powerful totem. But only King Egan and Ulla—the Child of the Prophecy—can guarantee victory for their people. 


Ulla sets out on the Trail for Singers, a wizard's life path, and Egan embarks on his own journey to become the heir of mighty Lemminkäinen, the last High King of the Far Northern Land. Drawn together by both love and destiny, the two young heroes vow to end Löhi’s rampage, but neither can imagine the surprise that awaits at journey’s end, which will change the Far Northern Land forever.    


THE HEIR OF LEMMINKÄINEN, Book II of the Far Northern Land Saga, goes where no epic fantasy has gone before—Finnish mythology and the world of the Kalevala, where legendary heroes like the wizard Väinämöinen mix with original characters like Ulla and Egan to create a unique mosaic wholly new to fantasy literature.

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

Revenge is a motivating factor that appears in several scenarios throughout the book. What are some of the different ways Schlaefer portrays the desire for revenge, and what roles does it play in the storyline?

Why is Väinämöinen so reluctant for Ulla to become a wizard? Do you agree with his views? Why or why not?

Finnish folklore never explicitly describes what the mysterious Sampo is. In The Heir of Lemminkäinen, the Sampo is a magical totem pole reforged by Ilmarinen the Smith. What does the Sampo symbolize? What is its importance to the people of the Far Northern Land?