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Running with Purpose: How Brooks Outpaced Goliath Competitors to Lead the Pack

By Jim Weber

'As a long-time Brooks athlete, it's been easy to draft off the brand's approach of reaching for the biggest goals regardless of being labeled the underdog. Jim Weber goes beyond the goal and gives readers the hows and whys behind the company's success. This book will motivate and guide those looking to have a breakthrough performance and solidifies my belief that Weber is one of the greatest leaders in business.' -- Des Linden – Boston Marathon Champion


'Jim Weber beautifully demonstrates the power and joy of leading with purpose and authenticity and how it can create stunning business results while being a force for good. A wonderful book that is both inspiring and very practical.' -- Hubert Joly – Former Chair & CEO, Best Buy Co., Inc., and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Heart of Business


'Running with Purpose is a master class in focus, tenacity, team building, innovation, and culture. While I have known Jim Weber for many years, I can only now understand the depth of the struggles he faced on his way to being one of the great leaders of a generation and creating a brand that has motivated millions of runners to Run Happy. I can say with certainty that all managers and leaders will find helpful tools in this book to build their businesses for success.' -- Robin Thurston – CEO, Outside, Inc.


'Over the last twenty years as a Brooks athlete, I've watched Jim Weber turn a gasping business into a champion in the industry by not just being a CEO who wants to win the race, but one who leads from the front and brings out the best in everyone. His captivating career path proves that passion + precision elevates performance every time.' -- Scott Jurek – Ultramarathon Champion and New York Times Bestselling Author of Eat & Run and NORTH


'Running with Purpose is as inspirational, insightful, and educational as the company it features and the leader who wrote it. The story of how Brooks rose from the ashes to become a force in running is full of important lessons on both formulating and executing strategy. Read it to learn how performance brands and great teams are built, and how successful leadership requires not just vision but courage and discipline.' -- Kusum Ailawadi – Professor, Tuck School of Business, and Co-author of Getting Multichannel Distribution Right


'I regard Jim as a miracle worker. The institution is the length and shadow of this man.' -- Charlie Munger – Vice Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.


'Jim Weber is one of the great brand leaders of today. He has carefully shaped the Brooks experience to honor the legacy of running and Brooks customers. This is a definitive story of what can happen when you zero in on the essence of your customers' beliefs and then build a brand and culture of passion around that.' -- Tod Leiweke – CEO, Seattle Kraken


'Jim's message will resonate with anyone, whether you run or not. His judgment, focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing, and efforts to foster a culture of fun in the workplace have led to some of the most impressive business results around. There is much to learn from this engaging read.' -- Sri Zaheer – Dean, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, and Board Chair, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


'Whether you are an entrepreneur setting out with your first brick-and-mortar or running a global corporation, the learnings from Jim Weber's fascinating story will help any leader frame their strategy for success. Jim's tale of how he built Brooks to become the market leader among giants is an inspiring reminder that when you lead with heart and remain steadfast to even a lofty vision, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.' -- Kathy Dalby – CEO/Owner, Pacers Running, and Industry Leader


'Jim Weber's remarkable new book chronicles his amazing success story with Brooks Running, inspired by his authentic leadership and his crucible in overcoming a life-threatening bout with cancer. His openness and insights make Running with Purpose a must-read book for everyone.' -- Bill George – Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School, former Chair & CEO, Medtronic, and author of Discover Your True North