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PLAYING DOCTOR - Part One: Medical School: Stumbling through with amnesia

By John Lawrence

Playing Doctor is a medical memoir full of laugh-out-loud tales, born from chaotic, disjointed, and frightening nights on hospital wards during John Lawrence’s medical training and time as a junior doctor. This candid autobiography will demystify medical education and inspire you. Equal parts heartfelt, self-deprecating humor, and irreverent, storytelling, John takes us along for the ride as he tracks his transformation from uncertain, head injured, liberal-arts student to intern, resident and then medical doctor.

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

How did this book make you feel about a doctor’s journey? The hours, training, workload, etc.

Which stories did you most relate to?

Did this book change how you might view doctors at your next medical visit?