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Never a Girl, Always a Boy: A Family Memoir of a Transgender Journey

By Jo Ivester

“...a heartwarming story that anyone with a complicated life and identity can relate to. A multifaceted, rich, and moving exploration of the trans experience.”

―Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


“A must-read in today’s political environment, this courageous book demonstrates how to fight prejudice and embrace acceptance.”

―Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin


“Beautifully written and vulnerable...a must-read.”

―Emmett Schelling, executive director of the Transgender Education Network of Texas


“This is a story of how acceptance happens.”

―Mara Keisling, founder and executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality


“This book will save lives...This is the book I wish I could have read when I was on my own journey of self-discovery.”

―Sam Slate, member of the National Board of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign


“Told in frank and warm-hearted terms with a touch of humor, this gripping tale will stay with its readers for years to come.”
―Forrest Preece, Columnist, West Austin News