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“Miranda’s case of missing identity, even as a successful CEO, is an ultimate triumph story in reclaiming oneself. In this funny, heartwarming ‘what if’ journey, Miranda teaches us that sometimes uprooting our lives backward is what leads us and our families forward.” —Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space

“This hilarious, witty memoir had me saying ‘YAY YAY’ from the very beginning! An inspiring read that will make every reader want to supercharge their own careers.”—Meaghan B Murphy, Editor in Chief, Woman’s Day, and author of Your Fully Charged Life

“It is always a gift when you find a book that speaks to the questions that echo inside us all. What if? Miranda’s bold decision to answer that question is delivered to us with such refreshing audacity and wild charm. For anyone looking for a breath of inspiration or that big gasping sign that it’s time to reclaim yourself and find your own answers, Miranda’s book is here just in time.” —Marisa Renee Lee, author of Grief Is Love