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Moms Don't Have Time to Have Kids: A Timeless Anthology

By Zibby Owens

“Zibby Owens has done it again. If you’re… human…you will love these essays.” —Billie Lourd, actress


”These essays are both timeless and made for this (our) time. Each one is a bite-sized gem, but at heart, this hilarious collection from an astonishing array of literary lights is about how we balance that high-wire act of being human. Each essay drew me in and elicited that comforting feeling of talking with my best friend and the astonishing joy at making a new friend.”  —Annabelle Gurwitch, New York Times bestselling author of I See You Made an Effort and You’re Leaving When?, and co-host of the Tiny Victories podcast


“Zibby has brought literary luminaries together in this beautifully curated collection of essays. She has a way of bringing us all together to share in the camaraderie of humanity. I inhaled her book in a single sitting. With each essay, I felt more connected and less alone—like a warm embrace at the end of an exhausting journey through this pandemic-ravaged year. Zibby’s constant quest to connect to the stories that give our lives meaning is a beacon of hope. A must-read for anyone seeking heartfelt, soul-enriching connection to a community of fellow travelers on the road of life.”—Stephanie Thornton Plymale, author of American Daughter: A Memoir, CEO of Heritage School of Interior Design, and host of the podcast Overcoming


“These essays help cut through the intense loneliness and isolation of being a mother. Their succinct and often hilarious prose will remind us all that we are in this together. I’m blown away by the incredible women brought together in this single collection.”  —Jo Piazza, bestselling author of Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win and the upcoming novel We Are Not Like Them; host of podcasts Under the Influence and Committed


 “Dear Zibby, ‘Pick me, pick me!’ to contribute to your next anthology! You have a gift for uniting the strongest, most inspiring voices all in one happy place. Moms Don’t Have Time to Have Kids made me say YAY!” —Meaghan B. Murphy, author Your Fully Charged Life and Editor in Chief of Woman’s Day magazine