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Discussion Guide

LifePass: Drop Your Limits, Rise to Your Potential - A Groundbreaking Approach to Goal Setting

By Payal Kadakia

Grant yourself permission to have the life you most want to live. When Payal Kadakia let go of the pressure to achieve a traditional kind of success, she tuned in to her calling and built ClassPass into a billion-dollar business. In LifePass, she shares the unique goal-setting method that not only changed her approach to business but to her life.


In LifePass, you will learn how to:

• Focus on what's meaningful to you

• Embrace all parts of your identity

• Push past expectations to hear your own voice

• Turn failure into learning opportunities

• Make money work for you, instead of working for it

• Manage your time guilt free

• Build a supportive tribe of people around you

• Set actionable goals aligned to your dreams

You are meant to live an inspired life. LifePass shows you how.

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

What inspired you most about Payal’s story?

Did you find her advice practical or out of touch for most people?

Do you think our culture and society is changing to make room for women entrepreneurs or is Payal an exception to the rule?