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I See You

By Amy Kemp

I See You Book Club Questions PDF

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"The writing is inviting and personable, reminiscent of an exclusive session with a knowledgeable life coach, as Kemp challenges readers to create structured work routines while providing room for leisure time and rest." -Booklife (Publishers Weekly)

"Perhaps the most valuable chapter is "Surrender to Structure," in which Kemp urges unapologetic, proactive organization and structure, encouraging readers to consider adding more routines and discipline to their lives (such as weekly meal prepping and regular date nights) to help reach their goals. While many of the book's concepts are familiar throughout, this feels fresh, new, and deeply useful." -blueink

"Kemp is an enthusiastic guide throughout—sometimes exclamatory and often vulnerable. Her storytelling methods are engaging, whether she's covering a revealing coaching session or talking about gluing googly eyes on tubes during a period of personal financial stress. Indeed, her text is replete with intimate examples that reveal just how important it is to concentrate on what you're good at and build a supportive team to help with the rest." -Foreword Clarion Review 

I See You will deeply impact any woman who may be exhausted yet still yearns for more. Amy Kemp deftly teaches readers that by thinking differently, they can create a tremendous amount of success and wealth without struggle or strain. This book is truly a game changer.” -Barbara Huson Author of Overcoming Underearning and Rewire for Wealth

I See You grounds professional guidance in a deep understanding of what it feels like to be in our big, beautiful, and sometimes messy and stressful lives. Amy Kemp delivers just the right balance of advice and encouragement, helping us to not only love the life we are in, but to accomplish our wildest dreams.” -Pamela Slim Author of Body of Work and The Widest Net