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Glow In the Dark

By Mark Leruste

Advanced Praise for Glow in the Dark


Glow in the Dark is a transformative guide to becoming—and broadcasting—your authentic self in order to connect with your audience, build your business, and actually enjoy the process. With wit, warmth, and the benefit of his own considerable experience and success, Mark will convince you why your personal story is important and show you how to tell it. He is a gem, and this book is gold.”
Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of the No F**ks Given Guides

“Personal storytelling is a powerful way to build a truly meaningful connection with others. In Glow in the Dark, Mark Leruste provides a brilliant and compassionate guide to connecting with your authentic self and finding the courage to share your personal story in a way that will inspire others into action. His advice is practical and compelling. A must-read for entrepreneurs and business leaders.”
Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO, charity: water

"Finally a book that not only talks about the value of sharing our personal story to better connect and engage with our audience but actually shows you how to do it in a simple and practical way."
-Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Hooked and Indistractable

"Glow in the Dark is a remarkable book that effectively conveys how sharing your story authentically can yield unprecedented results. Do me a favour, if you have something important to say or share and want to make a positive impact with your work, don’t waste another minute. Read Mark’s book.”
-Dr Rupy Aujla, best-selling author and founder of The Doctor's Kitchen