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Creek of Bones

By Chris Gregoire

Kev MacGuire is dying. Crabbing comforts him, and one day he catches a strange, gold medallion. When it turns out to be Incan, Kev and friends investigate how jewelry once stolen by conquistadors ended up near the Chesapeake.


If tales from an old plantation are true, Blackbeard and his pirates looted treasure from a wrecked Spanish galleon. Along with liquid drawn from the Fountain of Youth.


Kev and friends search for the valuables yet dismiss the Fountain as fantasy. But when a centuries-old cure makes him a believer, the lighthearted quest becomes a race for survival. 

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

Kev delayed telling Rudy and Kate about his cancer diagnosis until the end of the story. Did you buy his reasoning for this? Putting yourself in his shoes, what would you have done?

Kev chose to drink the elixir from the Fountain of Youth. Would you have done the same thing? Was it reasonable for Kate to shun Kev at the end of the story for his actions?

Do you believe that stories like the Fountain of Youth have some basis in fact? That miracles or myths can occur or be real? If so, which ones?