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The It Girl

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the “claustrophobic spine-tingler” (People) One by One returns with an unputdownable mystery following a woman on the search for answers a decade after her friend’s murder.

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464 pages

Average rating: 7.12




Community Reviews

Ali Nurmikko
May 14, 2024
1/10 star
I picked up this book as a recommendation to me and sad to say it was not it for me. An incredibly slow burn that I didn’t even want to finish :/ But I did stick with it to give it it’s fair share of time and wanted the resolution. Truly didn’t grab me in at all, and even when it did, it hardly did the job- and it wasn’t until about 85% through that the story picked up. I’ve heard gleaming reviews on this author, but did not like this book.
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Apr 17, 2024
10/10 stars
PLOT TWISTS GO CRAAAZY. A girl’s friend gets killed and like 10 years later she finds out that the killer is actually innocent, and the real killer might be somebody who is actually close to her. Book structure is simple switching between before and after the murder. Near the end gets SO good, you know like when you rip through the book bc so many things are happening back to back and so many things are getting revealed and you’re just like OHMYGOD and NOOO and DAMN and FUCK and THANK GOD
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Apr 10, 2024
6/10 stars
I wanted to like this book. I slogged my through it. But just didn’t love it. The central character, It Girl April, was really only a side character. While the character with the primary perspective, Hannah, just wasn’t that interesting. She was tentative, neurotic and boring. I really don’t see why April liked her so much. Or why her husband, Will, put up with her. I loved all the other characters -just not the self-doubting, angst-ridden Hannah. This book was also just way too long. For a similar storyline, try In My Dreams I Hold a Knife. Same plot, but at a rollicking pace. I will say the narrator of the audiobook did an amazing job with all the voice-work.
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Mar 24, 2024
8/10 stars
Kept me guessing.
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Mar 23, 2024
8/10 stars
I couldn’t put this book down! It blended dark academia with a juicy murder mystery, both of which are my jam. I loved the atmosphere that that writer created with the school. The description actually made me think of Yale, which I visited a long time ago, and I could see it clearly in my mind’s eye. I also really liked all the side characters, especially all the friends in the group. I found them all very different with separate and individual personalities, and I was always excited to hear from them (even April!) I also quite liked April despite her (many) flaws. She was interesting and while she sometimes took things too far, I also thought her relationship with Hannah was very sweet, and it went against the whole ~blonde rich spoiled girl~ thing that we see when we first meet her.

Unfortunately, the narrator (Hannah) sort of annoyed me. I felt like we didn’t get the best reason for her to pursue the case, and she just went about it like she was hitting it with a blunt instrument instead of with finesse. When it comes to a murder, I don’t think that’s the best way! She also seemed to be so obsessed with April’s death. I mean, if a friend died, I would obviously be sad, but her reaction seemed so extreme for someone she only knew for a year. I didn’t really like her voice narrating the story and I sort of wish Will had been the narrator.

I had mixed feelings on John Neville. While he obviously shouldn’t have been in prison for something he didn’t do, he was 100% a creep and he should have been fired way earlier on. I was also annoyed at Hannah for just sort of making excuses for him for what felt like forever. To be fair, getting fired probably would have worked out better for him in the long run lol.

Finally, I felt like there were things that felt a little extraneous. Ryan’s ||stroke|| was sad, and I thought that the killer had induced it somehow because Ryan ~knew too much~ but ultimately it was just a random stroke. I mean, that does happen, but it felt extraneous to the story. And then the whole storyline with the professor seducing female students for sex felt a little extra. It was relevant for about .5 seconds towards the end of the story, but otherwise I expected that to have more consequences.

Anyway, this review made it seem like I hated this story, which isn’t true. I just like to dissect the bad stuff in order to understand what made it bad. But the characters and character development is the most important to me, and this novel definitely has that.
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