Glory: A Novel

NoViolet Bulawayo’s bold new novel follows the fall of the Old Horse, the long-serving leader of a fictional country, and the drama that follows for a rumbustious nation of animals on the path to true liberation.


413 pages

Average rating: 6.2




Community Reviews

Dec 27, 2023
8/10 stars
A satirical allegory decrying the multiple woes of am imaginary country in Africa. The characters are Animals, but thoroughly anthropomorphic animals. They lack most animal characteristics. First Jidada is colonized and exploited by western nations, but after winning its independence, the new leaders are horrible explorers of their people and terrible managers of the infrastructure. While focused on an African nation, many of the tactics of more
Stevie Harrison
Oct 02, 2023
9/10 stars
The other reviewer on Bookclubs makes the point that it was probably safer to write this in the form that it takes but it is so close to reality that I'm not sure how much protection the format would provide. Although I have given this a high rating I have to admit that at the half-way point my enthusiasm was flagging. It felt like that the novel had done the job of describing recent events in Zimbabwe but the format seemed to be working more
Jan 05, 2023
5/10 stars
Initially I was vastly entertained by this remake of the classic Animal Farm, where animals in the failed state of Jidada have taken over and I read their antics with amusement as they scrambled for power when the Old Horse is removed from power. It was probably too dangerous for her to write a realistic account of this infamous period of Zimbabwe's history as it is an accurate portral of real events not very heavily disguised. If it is read more

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