Darkness Rising

Aurora, Aaron and Cal are among the new generation born to the Lightworkers. With the power of the Universe in their souls, these Children of Light are the most advanced beings on Earth. Summoned to the ancient realm of Valhandra, they prepare to defeat the rising Darkness and bring forth the new world.

Catapulted to dimensions beyond the boundaries of physical reality, Aurora, Aaron and Cal navigate their own challenges as they come to terms with their destinies, learn to use their powers, and discover the mysteries of life, space, the Universe, and time itself.

But time is running out.

A deadly plague is sweeping across the Earth. Darkness is creeping into the minds and bodies of humanity. Secrets and betrayals are surfacing within the Lightworkers, threatening to destroy Valhandra.

As the future of the world hangs in the balance, can the Children of Light stop the Darkness rising?

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