Confessions on the 7:45: A Novel


"Intricate and nuanced--on par with the best top-flight psychological suspense." --L.A. Times


From master of suspense Lisa Unger comes a riveting thriller about a chance encounter that unravels a stunning web of lies.

Selena Murphy is commuting home on the train when she strikes up a conversation with a beautiful stranger in the next seat. The woman introduces herself as Martha and soon confesses that she's been stuck in an affair with her boss. Selena, in turn, confesses that she suspects her husband is sleeping with the nanny. When the train arrives at Selena's station, the two women part ways, presumably never to meet again.

Then the nanny disappears.

As Selena is pulled into the mystery of what happened, and as the fractures in her marriage grow deeper, she begins to wonder, who was Martha really? But she is hardly prepared for what she'll discover...

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392 pages

Average rating: 6.94




Community Reviews

Jan 04, 2024
3/10 stars
Too long - but end was good
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Apr 11, 2023
4/10 stars
This book's plot in the excerpt seemed really good but what I actually read was dull.

There could have been only a few directions this book could have taken, out of which one of them was how the book ended. There were only two times I was shocked at the twists but after that it got very dry.

The too-many POVs were confusing and unnecessary because I felt that it took the focus away from the present happenings/chapter of the book. There was a lot of going back and forth so it could potentially make readers annoyed to piece them together.

Although, I have to say that the twists were really unexpected so this book fulfilled that element. But it is not scary or spooky, you can still sleep without the lights on after reading.
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Sep 05, 2022
4/10 stars
Set up for storyline was long and drawn out. When it finally started getting good... it was over.
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Jul 04, 2022
8/10 stars
Surprisingly feminist. I loved how the women were making relationships with their rage, and the men in their lives. Kept me interested the entire time.
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