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Tutorial Five: How to Set Up your Bookclubs Profile!

Updated: Dec 17, 2022



Olivia Markowski


Click here to watch the tutorial five video!


When you first open your Bookclubs profile after logging in, you will see ‘My Clubs’ in the top navigation bar, with a dropdown list of the clubs of which you are a member! The left navigation shows you all of the different options you can customize for your profile. In the very top left corner is an avatar image — you can change this to be more personal by clicking on the camera icon and choosing from the images on your device.

From the left navigation in your Profile, click on ‘Favorite Books’ to add all of your top books! Just click ‘Add a favorite book’ in the top right corner to search for your book and add it to your list!

Following the ‘Favorite Books’ tab is the ‘Books I’ve Read’ tab, where you can keep track of all of the books you’ve read — both with your book club or on your own. You can add a book by clicking the ‘add a book’ option in the top right and searching by title and author, or you can upload a CSV file from your device if you have a longer list of books! You can also sort the books in your list by title or author name, and add ratings and reviews for each book. 

The tab after this is the ‘Books I Want to Read’ list, which allows you to keep track of all of the books you want to read next! You can add books and sort books in the same way you do in your ‘Books I’ve Read’ list. You can also add any book from this list to your club’s inspiration lists as well!

‘Currently Reading” is where you can add the book or books you are in the process of reading! And by clicking the ‘Import Books’ tab, you can import a bulk list of books to Bookclubz using a CSV file of existing reading lists! You can either drag and drop a file onto this page, or click the box to choose a file from your device.

There is an option to ‘edit profile’ near the bottom of the page of your profile navigation. Here you can change your email, address, phone number, name and timezone. Make whatever changes you would like, and then click update when you’ve finished. 

There is also an option to change who you would like to share your contact information with. You can customize how much of and to which clubs you would like to share your profile. You can also choose to show your contact information to just your club admin, or other club members too.


If you click on ‘Email Settings’ in the left navigation, you can specify how you receive updates from Bookclubs!


At the bottom of your profile is an option to change your password. To change your password while signed in, you will need to enter your original password and then enter in a new password. If you can’t remember your old password, you will need to sign out and then click ‘Forgot password?’ on the sign in page. We’ll send you an email with a password reset link.


Create your profile, start and join a book club, track your reading, and more.



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