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Aug 17, 2022



Anna Ford


Over 50,000 clubs across 60+ countries trust the Bookclubs app to help organize and support their reading community. We’re on a mission to inspire meaningful connections through reading and discussion all over the world. As a woman-founded startup company, we are figuring out how to stay true to that mission and continually improve our product, while becoming financially sustainable. 


You can help! If Bookclubs has helped you to have a richer reading and book club experience, please consider Donating Once or Making a Monthly Pledge. It will only take a minute of your time but will have a lasting impact. 


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The core features that you know and love: club set-up, scheduling, polling, messaging, and digital shelving, are free and always will be. In addition, we offer free programming through our Author Chats club, Community Blog, and our Join-a-Book-Club marketplace. We firmly believe that accessibility is part of what makes being in a book club so special. Your support will help us stay that way.


We currently earn revenue by partnering with publishers and authors on curated reading lists and sponsored recommendations. You may have noticed a few more advertisements recently. We make sure that the books and products that we promote on Bookclubs are ones that we stand behind and have the potential to make your book club better. However, you have a say in the matter! If you would prefer to pay for an ad-free experience, we now offer that to all members and clubs for as little as a $5 a month donation. 

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If you enjoy our book recommendation ads or would just like to help us grow and improve, you can chip in whatever feels right to you, as low as $1. Encourage your club members to join you! Your contribution will let us know that we’re moving in the right direction and help us remain free and accessible to a growing community of readers. We’ll be able to continually build new features based on your feedback, invest more into customer service and user experience improvements, and develop our business model thoughtfully and with respect for you, our users. 


It’s not easy to ask, and please know that we do so humbly,

with zero expectation and a whole lot of appreciation.



Chip in today to help us reach our $2,000 pledge goal!








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