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Keeping up with your Book Club: Direct Messages are here!

Apr 28, 2022



Erica Eliot

At Bookclubs, we’re always searching for ways to bring our communities of readers together — and continually improving our product to make it happen. Here’s a quick look back at one of the newest (and most requested) features: Direct Messages!


Direct Messages

We love the conversations that happen on a club message board, but we know that sometimes direct communication is best. For those times when you need to get in touch with your club leader about a fast-approaching meeting, connect with another book club member over coordinating the snacks, or just need to chat privately, Direct Messages (DMs) are the answer! 


If you’re visiting Bookclubs on a desktop browser, navigate to your Direct Messages inbox via the Messages icon from the main navigation bar, or through the Direct Messages link on the sidebar in any of your club pages. On the app, select the Messages icon from the lower navigation. From your inbox, you can send, receive, and reply to messages with members of your book club(s).


When you receive a new message, the Messages icon will display a red notification badge to let you know there’s correspondence waiting in your inbox! 


There are several ways to send a message or begin a new direct message thread, but Bookclubs users are currently only able to exchange messages with members of mutual book clubs. From your Inbox, select “Compose new message.” To select a recipient, begin to type in the name of the book club member to whom you’re sending the message (you’ll see the list of clubs to which you both belong beneath their name). If you access Direct Messages from a club profile, the list of members of that club will populate the “To” dropdown, making it easier to find the correct recipient!


You can also begin a new message by scrolling through the “Members” tab of any of your clubs and clicking the “Send Message” button. This will open the “Compose” view with your recipient already selected. 


Start those message threads today — and add in photos, GIFs, and emojis to make your conversations with [book] friends truly memorable.


We are always eager for feedback on how we can improve the Bookclubs site and app. If there’s a feature you think is missing, or something that would help your club, reach out to us anytime. We incorporate user feedback into updates to the site and app frequently, and we’d love to learn more about how we can make Bookclubs even better.


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