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Celebrate Mother's Day with these six special titles!

May 06, 2022



Olivia Markowski

These books are for all the moms out there - fur moms included! From thrillers, heartfelt dramas and helpful guides to motherhood, this list includes it all. Head to our Join a Book Club page to enter a special mother’s day giveaway. Cheers to you!



The Last Thing He Told Me

The Last Thing He Told Me makes for a perfect Mother’s Day read because it highlights how mothers and important family figures in your life can shape and inspire you without necessarily being the ones who gave birth to you. In Laura Dave’s brilliant suspense novel, two unlikely allies find themselves teaming up to find answers about the man they both love and who has seemingly disappeared into thin air. Hannah Hall knows her stepdaughter Bailey isn’t her biggest fan, in fact, Bailey has made it clear life with her dad, Owen, was *much* better before Hannah came into the picture. But when Owen vanishes in the wake of a corporate scandal and investigators come knocking, it also becomes clear both Hannah and Bailey may not have known him as well as they thought. As they hunt for the truth together, they stumble upon layers of the past neither of them saw coming–and unknowingly come closer to a future which never before seemed possible. 


The Red Kitchen

 At various times in my life—especially as a teenager—Mother’s Day sometimes felt like more of an obligation and less heartfelt. After I became a mother, I saw how complex and challenging being a mother was. I gave up on a relationship with my father but longed to have my mother in my life. One knock on her door after a painful separation is all it took for us to begin the process of reconciliation. For the next twenty years, until her death, I didn’t need a designated day to appreciate my mother. As our mother-daughter relationship blossomed, so did my own relationship with my daughters.  


Greenwich Park: 

While many thrillers are set in early motherhood, Katherine Faulkner brilliantly explores the anxious weeks before the baby is born, when the tension is as high as our hopes.” -Ashley Audrain, New York Times bestselling author of The Push

Who Will Accompany You?:

Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart is a book that speaks to mothers and daughters of many ages. Mothers of adult and young adult children will relate to the challenges and joys of being in the relationship that evolves over time. Exploring the new territory that comes with children needing to push the boundaries of their own independence, as well as freedom from parental guidance, it is reassuring to know that this can create growth for both parent and child. With the openness that comes with traveling in new places we can transfer the same curiosity to our relationships, leaving us in a position to grow closer, even as circumstances may push us further apart. What a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, and a way to celebrate this relationship.


The Red Bike:

This has been a book club favorite because the story is centered around the mother-daughter relationship. This intense read brings to light how misperceptions and miscommunication can form a wedge between mothers and daughters. Many of the reviews have highlighted how this story has touched a nerve or made them reflect on their own relationship with their mother or daughter.

A Little Less of a Hot Mess:

In a world where women are overwhelmed with empty personal growth messages, it can be hard to navigate what’s real, and what’s just a sales pitch. A Little Less of a Hot Mess: The Modern Mom’s Guide to Growth and Evolution helps quiet the noise with practical, simple, and powerful invitations for real healing and growth. The twelve invitations and practices shared in this book offer the modern mom a path toward imperfect evolution, so that she can live her life authentically.


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